Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

Johnson City, TN Program


March 27-30 Tuckasegee River, NC 

April 11 SOHO Day Outing w/ VA Tech  

April 23-26 Two Fly Tournament at Rose River Farms, VA 

April 27 Rivers Way Outing 

May 18-21 Harman’s Cabins, West Virginia 

June 5-8 Harman’s Cabins, West Virginia 

Oct 26-29 Harman’s Cabins, West Virginia 

Sept 21-25 Pigeon Key, FL 

Dec 4-6 Rose River Farms, VA 



Rod building is still in progress.  Deadline is 4/15/15.

Two Fly nomination has been submitted and awaiting selection.

Other trips and activities are in planning stage.

Fly cast training begins next week in conjunction with regular Tuesday evening meeting.

For information contact Russ Ambrose 423-525-3325