Cherokee Chapter TU Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • TN Council of TU will be held 10-29-22 in Upper East TN, location has yet been determined.

Previous Meetings

  • 8-17-22 Speaker was Jon Hooper from South Holston Lodge. If you missed this presentation, you missed a great one.

Chapter News

  • Beginning at the January 2023 chapter meeting we will begin giving out a ticket to individuals for each chapter event attended. Then at the first chapter meeting of 2024 one ticket will be drawn and that person will receive a fly rod and reel.
  • TU and TWRA will be scheduling a work day at the Wolf Creek and Trail Fork projects for planting streamside vegetation to stabilize the creek banks. We should know more when Jeff Speaks at out September meeting.
  • Again, I want to encourage everyone to invite someone to our meetings and become an active member. Also, we have approximately 80 members that I would like to invite to come and see what you are missing.

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

  • 9-21-22 Jeff Wright, Southern Appalachians Project Manager will be the speaker.
  • 10-19-22 Quarterly Learning Activity, Fishing Knots will be the topic.
  • 11-16-22 Charlie Parker will be the speaker
  • There will be no meeting in December
  • If there are speakers you would like to hear or learning activities you would like to conduct or see please contact me or one of the board members

Council News

  • Next TN council meeting 10-29-22, location TBA.

Fishing Reports

  • Delayed Harvest begins 10-1-22 in Lower Paint Creek
  • Check out the link for TWRA’s website below for fishing opportunities in the state: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency –
  • Remember that areas of the South Holston River will be closed

Area News/Events

  • Check the Events tab on for all area events. If anyone is having difficulty finding or using this give Jerry Whitted a call, text or email and I will help you.

Newsletters are planned for each quarter, unless you ask for more or less. If anyone has any comments, questions, suggestions, or contributions please reach out to Jerry Whitted. This newsletter is for you, the members of the Cherokee Chapter.