FENFH: Meeting Minutes Aug 7, 2012

Friends of Erwin National Fish Hatchery Meeting

In Attendance:    Lori Paris, Butch Clendenon, Steven Ayers, Bill Durst, Jeff Hurst, Preston Stotler, Angela Denton, Paul Anderson, Mike Bacon, Steven Felix, Jesse Davis, Bob Ross, John Dollard, Bill Coyne, Allen, Robbins, Mike King, Dustin Fleenor, Jonathan Hckaba, Erby & Judy Brown, Margaret Roy, Amanda Delp, Dawn Edwards, Gordon Scott, Damen Bell, Richard Cramer, Scott Dunaway, John Robinette

Congressional Bill HR 5931 – potential funding remedy for hatchery.  Action Alert is posted on Cherokee Chapter TU website outflyfishing.org .  All encouraged to visit website and follow directions to submit support of bill.

Friends Group By-Laws Committee – Dustin Fleenor, Paul Anderson and Amanda Delp volunteered as committee members to work together to develop By-Laws – to be presented at next meeting for discussion.

Street Signage – Past inquiry suggested number of visitors per year was a determining factor in signage. Paying for a “blue” sign would not be appropriate for a historic site. “Brown” sign is needed. 
Motion by John Dollard: Contact State representatives with a petition for a TDOT sign.*
Seconded by Dustin Fleenor. All in favor.

*Note: John Dollard agreed to draft letter petition to be presented to Kent Williams, as well as Ron Ramsey with Jeff Hurst assisting.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at Erwin Town Hall 211 North Main Avenue.