BOD Meeting Minutes – Aug 13, 2012

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577

BOD Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2012

Present:see sign-in sheet (Quorum provided)

Webmaster –  John Kilday is unable to continue as webmaster for the Chapter.

Motion by Bill Durst  -appoint Steven Ayers as permanent acting webmaster for Chapter.  Seconded by Wayne Pike.  All approved.

No Action Required

2012 Chapter Elections – Terms for four(4) one-year directors will expire; Paul Anderson, Wayne Pike, Randy Radford and Don Reichart. Nominees to fill at least three(3) of these positions were discussed.  Nominees mentioned were Paul Anderson, Wayne Pike, Steve Felix and Jeremiah Honaker.

Action Required by Allen Robbins: Announce/discuss/obtain all potential nominees at next Chapter meeting.     

Dillard Ponds – The $593 2010 license plate funds are earmarked for Dillard Pond project. The recently approved 2012 license plate grant included an additional $200 for a sign which would show TU license plates as source of funding.  Including an “in memory” of Jay Ebbert on sign was discussed as well as the sign material (granite being the least likely for vandalisim).       

Action Required by Allen Robbins: Research cost for sign.

Stream Cleanup – The Richland Creek stream cleanup project will be scheduled for mid fall 2012. A second potential cleanup project at Rocky Fork was discussed.  This project would also take place this mid fall 2012. 

Motion by Wayne Pike – include Rocky Fork as an official Cherokee Chapter stream cleanup project.  Seconded by Lori Paris.  All approved.

Actions Required by Allen Robbins and Butch Clendenon – Setup and coordinate dates/community announcement of cleanup projects.

Trout In The Classroom – In order to promote youth education in east TN the Chapter will start a Trout in the Classroom program. 

Motion by Paul Anderson –Nominate Lori Paris as Trout in the Classroom Coordinator (TIC).  Seconded by Allen Robbins.  All approved.

Through coordination with local contacts four(4) programs were requested by local public schools; Cloudland HS, (2)Unicoi HS and Innovation Academy MS.  Approximately $1,200 per setup is needed to start the project.  Orders need to be placed now to meet timeline for project starts. 

Motion by Bob Ross –Use Chapter monies to purchase needed equipment.   Seconded by Paul Anderson.  All approved.

Action Required by Lori Paris – Place orders and begin necessary purchases for project equipment needs.

Further discussions: Prepare power point of our project(s) and efforts for presentation purposes/ fundraising/corporate sponsors. 

Member Zip Codes – Alook into zip code designations for our Chapter uncovered discrepancies of allocated zip code areas with Chapter location. 

Motion by Butch Clendenon –Prepare a requested revision to the zip code allocations for our Chapter which best fits our membership.  Seconded by Rick Hawk.  All approved.

Action Required by Lori Paris and Allen Robbins – prepare request and submit to TN Chairman for approval; TU National would make request changes.