Meeting Minutes – Aug 20, 2012


Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577


Meeting Minutes


August 20, 2012


Present: see sign-in sheet (Guests and New members: Mike Bacon, John Hoober, Ed Beaulieu)


Next meeting: September 17, 2012 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Annual Election of Officers)


I. Discussions and Announcements


A. The Trout Unlimited Tennessee License Plate monies requested by Grant in amount of $5973 for trails and docks was approved for the Dillard project. Dillard Ponds proposed site improvements to begin in October 2012.


B. South Holston River Lodge joined TU Cherokee Chapter as a Corporate member.


C. An educational trout book called “My Healthy Stream” is being offered by Overmountain Chapter at $3/book.  


Motion by Paul Anderson that the Cherokee Chapter purchase 20 books for youth education and Chapter library. Seconded by Bob Ross. All approved.


Action Required: Allen Robbins to coordinate purchase with Ron Harrington at Overmountain and Butch Clendenon, Cherokee Chapter Treasurer.


D.  A youth TU Magazine called “Stream Explorers” is being offer by Clinch River Chapter at 15 cents per copy. Quantity of 150 to 200 copies were discussed.  


Motion by Rick Hawk that the Cherokee Chapter purchase magazines for youth education and Chapter library. Seconded by Wayne Pike. All approved.


Action Required: Lori Paris to coordinate purchase with Frances Oates at Clinch River and Butch Clendenon, Cherokee Chapter Treasurer.


E. Stream Cleanups


1. Rocky Fork cleanup will be on Saturday, October 6, 2012. It will include 1 mile of stream below gate entrance and ½ above the gate. All participants will have access for fishing after cleanup event.  Meeting time will be announced at next Chapter meeting.


2. Richland Creek cleanup has yet to be scheduled – anticipated this fall.


F.  Fundraiser Event – November 3, 2012 Junior Women’s Bizarre – Need volunteers to promote raffle ticket sales and man table.


G. Fly Tying Classes start September 13, 2012 at 6pm. Greeneville HS will be location of classes unless specified otherwise.


H. Other events:


1. Friends of Erwin Nat’l Hatchery – meeting at Erwin Town Hall at 6pm September 11, 2012.


2. Healing Waters Retreat Oct 26-28, 2012 at Rivers Way – contact Jonathan Huckaba for more details    


II.Guest Speaker – Lori Paris re: Trout in the Classroom