Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2013

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2013

Present: see sign-in sheet (transferred to Cherokee: Mark, Jennifer and Nicholas Procopio, Guests: Logan and family)

Next meeting: August 19, 2013 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Annual Nominations of Officers/Directors)

I. Discussions and Announcements

A. BOD meeting was held last week where grants for the TIC program were discussed and reviewed for submittal to TU license Plate Fund, Speedway Children’s Charity and Jeff Byrd Grant. The need for the funds stems from the program requests exceeding monies available through the Chapter. The BOD also approved funds to be spent on fly tying materials for the Chapter class as well as assistance to Healing Waters in the amount not to exceed $500.

B. Dillard Ponds Update: Walking paths are complete. Pier(s) and kiosk not yet started. Cherokee member volunteers will assist with kiosk construction. Allen Robbins showed a sample sign in green and gold which would be placed in the kiosk providing remembrance of past Pres. Jay Ebbert and sponsors.

C. TVA Mitigation Committee: Allen Robbins has been asked to participate as a member of this committee to resolve funding need after the 3 years TVA has agreed to temporarily pay for it. Patrick Paris is his alternate. The first meeting is in Knoxville on July 17th.

D. Fly Tying Classes are being held at the Calvary Church in Greeneville, Thursday nights at 6pm. Bob Ross will be researching best possible price for material purchases, and asked members to donate large fishing hooks (an immediate need).

II. Calendar Events: 

August 19 = next Cherokee Meeting to include nominations for Officers/Directors

September 21 = Kids Fishing Day in Erwin at Rock Creek Recreation Area

III. Guest Speaker – Marcia Carter and Bart Carter

A. Jennifer Procopio and Jerry Whitted volunteered to work with Marcia to complete grant application for Embrace a Stream for the Brook Trout Restoration. Monies needed for experienced labor to shock and remove fish. Work to begin summer of 2014.

B. USDA Forest Service and TWRA would like to use current grant monies to repair leak in dam and remove sediment building up in pond as a result of flooding.

C. Agencies are also looking at feasibility of making Dillard Ponds a seasonal fishery – ie. Stocking the ponds as long as water temps are favorable.