Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2012

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577
Meeting Minutes Feb 20, 2012

Present:see sign-in sheet (Guest: Tyler Wilson, HW Volunteer)

Next meeting: March 19, 2012 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Guest Speaker: John Robinette)

I. Discussions/Updates/Announcements

A. Butch thanked those who provided memorial donations to the Chapter in his Mother’s name.

B. Hatchery Funding was discussed.

1. 2013 President’s budget decreases funding for hatcheries by $3.7 million and increases funding to Michigan carp stocking.


2. Current funding for hatcheries will expire after August 31, 2012. Members will need to contact representatives once again to insure funding continues.

3. Trip to DC in question at this time.

4. Conference call with TU Nat’l is being setup.

C. Kids Fishing Camp – Boys/Girls 12-15 need applications by March1st.

D. Kids Fishing Day – May 19th, grill cooks needed for vending.

E. Our June 18th meeting will be at Tusculum Park 6pm. It will also be our club “swap meet” for fishing related equipment.

F. Thomas Scott update

1. Dillard Pond fencing will be completed before Kids Fishing Day.; however gravel is needed for parking improvements. HC trail waiting on archeological assessment completion by May 2012. Dock and ramps not yet started.

2. Pole Saw training cards were distributed for those who attended the training course. There is no scheduled Chainsaw class, but working on dates.

3. Teleco Hatchery and brookie stocking all doing well. Go to website for more info.

G. Healing Waters update was given by John Huckaba:

1. Currently 13 members in local chapter.

2. Jeremiah has been selected to go to Michigan Oxbow Club to learn how to make bamboo rods (March 17-24), Billie Herrell will be going to UK in June for skeet and fishing.

3. River’s Way event coordination is ongoing – Local contact Billie Herrell. It is tentatively scheduled for Halloween weekend at Winged Deer Park, JC.

H. Volunteers are needed to assist with fundraising for Kids Fishing Day. Several members with contacts in committee clubs; i.e. Rotary, Chamber, etc. agreed to help out.

I. It was announced that the Nolichucky Watershed Alliance contact Paul Hayden has cancer.

J. Tentative date for creek cleanup will be 9am, March 31st; meet behind Greeneville Library.

K. Meeting raffle of multi-purpose fishing tool was won by Randy Radford II. Guest Speaker – Dave Ramsey, spoke about Rocky Fork