Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2012

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577
Meeting Minutes Mar19, 2012

Present:see sign-in sheet (Guest: Adam Vurnakes)

Next meeting: Next meeting:  April 16, 2012 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Guest Speaker: TBA)

I. Discussions/Updates/Announcements

A. Member Update – Paul Anderson had a second operation on his finger. He will be in a cast for the next 4-6 weeks.  

B. Kids Fishing Day

1. Scheduled for May 19, 2012 at the Dillard Ponds


2. Sign-up sheet for event duties will be provided at next meeting.  If you have a specific job you would like to perform – see Butch.

3. Members are still needed to assist with fundraising for event. 

C. Kids Fishing Camp – Boys/Girls 12-15 need applications by March1st.

1. Scheduled for June 18-22

2. Mentors are needed for daytime activities; i.e. flying outings and fly tying.

3. Motion by Bob Ross: Chapter to provide $150 to TU Kids Camp to help with tuition for any kid(s) needing assistance.  Seconded by Jerry Whitted. All approved.

D. Mt Zion Methodist Church

1. March 24, 2012 at 5pm, fundraiser and fellowship “Wildgame Supper” 876 Mt Zion Rd, Afton, TN

2. Cherokee Chapter to man a table to promote TU and solicit membership.  Fly tying demonstration by members. Members are encouraged to attend to show support of Chapter.  

E. Since Last Meeting

1. March 8th  – Cherokee Chapter President Allen Robbins spoke at the Clinch River Chapter meeting about Healing Waters.  

2. March 16th – Cherokee Chapter members met with the Honorable Congressman Roe concerning the hatchery funding.  Roe was confident funding was provided through 2013.

3. Steve Ayers launched the new website. Members are encouraged to use the website and email any questions to Steve at [email protected]  

4. March 13th – Cherokee members met at Erwin Fish Hatchery along with David Ramsey on initial discussions for organizing a Friends Group.  Primary goals would be a Visitor’s Center and signage along I-26. 

F. Before the Next Meeting

1. March 25th at 7am will be a radio discussion about the hatchery funding on 910AM.

2. March 21st will be a fishing event at the VA which will be covered by local media.

3. March 31st – Richland Creek Cleanup at 8am behind the Greeneville Library (reference found in president’s notes but inadvertently skipped over during meeting).  

G. Healing Waters update was given by John Huckaba:

1. Participating Hours = 206, Volunteer Hours = 160. 

2. Rod building activities are 90% complete. Fly tying is ongoing. Fished once this last month.

3.Dustin and Jeremiah are out-of-state learning bamboo rod building.

H. Chapter Business

1. Steve Ayers displayed T-shirt selected for members and Kids Fishing Day.

2. Motion by Butch to authorize Chapter to purchase new banner.  Seconded by Fred Derochers and approved by all.

I. Other News

1. Jerry Whitted won drawing for fly box and pouch.

2. Guest Adam Vurnakes announced a fly fishing and wine tasting event April 21-22 in Waynesboro, VA, Shenandoah Valley.

3.Dustin and Jeremiah are out-of-state learning bamboo rod building.

II. Guest Speaker – John Robinette, Erwin Fish Hatchery