Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2012

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577
Meeting Minutes
July 16, 2012
Present: see sign-in sheet (Guest: Mike Bacon-Veteran )
Next meeting:  August 20 at 6:00pm @ Ryan’s

I. Old Business and Past Events

A. Unicoi Hatchery meeting minutes were passed around for review. A web-master still has not been found to assist with creation of a website. Next meeting is August 7th in Unicoi.

B. Rocky Fork Fishing outing for seniors is still being coordinated. No additional information on a scheduled date is available.

C. Healing Waters had a fishing outing a few weeks ago at Hichory Tree Bridge on South Holston.  Several novice fishing veterans attended – in all 24 folks. Also Dustin and Steve were invited to Spruce Pine for a fishing outing on private lands (courtesy of the Asheville TU Chapter).  

D. Healing waters boat is now and in the foreseeable future in Johnson City – in need of refurbishing.  


II. Discussions and Announcements

A. New House Bill

Addresses mitigation hatchery funding.  Steve Moyer is reviewing to organize TU support.  Topic of discussion at Coldwater meeting next week (July 28th in Knoxville).

B. Member Update

1. Steve Felix and Jesse Davis memberships need to be transferred from Overmountain to Cherokee. 

        2. New members who have not received a Cherokee Chapter T-shirt, please contact Butch.

C. Stream cleanup

1. David Ramsey has asked Cherokee Chapter to include Rocky Fork as one of their stream cleanup projects.  This would include a 1 mile stretch of stream below the gate and 1/2 mile above the gate.  A motion was made by Jon Huckaba to add this stream as a Cherokee cleanup project and establish a date by next meeting.  The motion was seconded by Paul Anderson.  Further discussion included contacting Overmountain Chapter to see if they wished to participate. All in attendance approved of the motion.   

2. Richland Creek cleanup is proposed in November 2012 – no date scheduled yet.

D. Chapter Elections – September meeting, 4 new directors will needed.

E. Kids Fishing Day 2013 – Careful consideration will need to be given regarding the date of this event: not to be in conflict with other fishing events (i.e. Troutfest).  Veteran participation would be a big plus for this event.

F. Cherokee Chapter Fly Tying Classes – begins September 13th, 6pm.  Tentatively located at Greeneville HS

G. Library – Steve Ayers is needed to add instructional tape info on website for member eyes only.

H. The Nat’l Director of Healing Waters will be visiting Rivers Way to check out the area fishing/facilities for a yearly destination. 

II.            Guest Speaker – Lori Paris re: TU Kids Camp 2012