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Trout Unlimited – Lines to Leaders

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 Welcome to August. The heart of summer, with Dog Days, vacations, picnics and hopefully a chance to fish from time to time. And guess who else is on vacation recess from Aug. 3- Sept. 8? Your Congress. This is a great time to reach out to and fill them in about all of the great… Continue Reading »

Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2013

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577 Meeting Minutes July 15, 2013 Present: see sign-in sheet (transferred to Cherokee: Mark, Jennifer and Nicholas Procopio, Guests: Logan and family) Next meeting: August 19, 2013 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Annual Nominations of Officers/Directors) I. Discussions and Announcements A. BOD meeting was held last week where grants for the… Continue Reading »

Trout in the Classroom Begins

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Starting this 2012 school year, Cherokee Chapter has launched the Trout Unlimited “Trout in the Classroom (TIC)”  program for East Tennessee. Three schools have chosen to participate; Innovation Academy Middle School in Kingsport (co-funded by Appalachian Power), Unicoi High School and Cloudland High School in Roan Mountain.  Each school receives trout eggs from the Erwin… Continue Reading »

Meeting Minutes – Aug 20, 2012

  Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577   Meeting Minutes   August 20, 2012   Present: see sign-in sheet (Guests and New members: Mike Bacon, John Hoober, Ed Beaulieu)   Next meeting: September 17, 2012 at 6:00pm Ryan’s Steakhouse (Annual Election of Officers)   I. Discussions and Announcements   A. The Trout Unlimited Tennessee License… Continue Reading »

BOD Meeting Minutes – Aug 13, 2012

Trout Unlimited – Cherokee Charter #577 BOD Meeting Minutes August 13, 2012 Present:see sign-in sheet (Quorum provided) Webmaster –  John Kilday is unable to continue as webmaster for the Chapter. Motion by Bill Durst  -appoint Steven Ayers as permanent acting webmaster for Chapter.  Seconded by Wayne Pike.  All approved. No Action Required 2012 Chapter Elections… Continue Reading »

Contact: Blake Androff (DOI): 202-208-6416 Kim Betton (FWS): 703-358-2081 MILWAUKEE, WI – Highlighting the reversal of decades of declining numbers, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced the results of a comprehensive national survey of outdoor recreation showing a significant increase in hunters and a double-digit increase in anglers over the past five years…. Continue Reading »

FENFH: Meeting Minutes Aug 7, 2012

Friends of Erwin National Fish Hatchery Meeting In Attendance:    Lori Paris, Butch Clendenon, Steven Ayers, Bill Durst, Jeff Hurst, Preston Stotler, Angela Denton, Paul Anderson, Mike Bacon, Steven Felix, Jesse Davis, Bob Ross, John Dollard, Bill Coyne, Allen, Robbins, Mike King, Dustin Fleenor, Jonathan Hckaba, Erby & Judy Brown, Margaret Roy, Amanda Delp, Dawn Edwards,… Continue Reading »

FENFH Meeting – June 18, 2012

MEETING MINUTES June 18, 2012 at Clinchfield Railroad Museum MEETING PURPOSE Further discuss creation of Friends Group of Erwin NFH. Review of all documentation needed to file (for tax purposes) under National Friends Group ATTENDEES John Robinette, FWS; Michelle Stevens, FWS; Matt Moses, USA Raft and Interim President; Doug Bowman, County Commission; Greg Lynch, County… Continue Reading »

Minutes – Teleconference – 6/5/2012

Tennessee Council – Trout Unlimited The Spring teleconference was held at 8:00 pm on June 5. Those participating included Dick Davis, George Lane, Ron Harrington, Steve Fry, Paul Anderson, Bob Ross, Lori Paris, Allen Robins and Rufus King. A quorum was declared and the meeting proceeded. Rufus King opened the meeting and apologized for sending… Continue Reading »

Hatchery Update

There is a new website specifically dedicated to providing the latest information (as well as recent history) on the National Fish Hatchery funding issues.  The site is managed by Larry Bundy.  Larry serves on the Board of Director’s of the Friends of the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery.  He is also a member of Trout… Continue Reading »

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